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Online Notary Service

Get remote online notarization via Salt Lake City notaries. Download legally notarized documents by meeting with licensed notaries via webinar. Same day appointments available.

How Does It Work?

1. Book your notary appointment online with our “Remote Online Notary” option

2. Select the number of documents you need notarized online to view the fees

3. Choose a date and time on our online calendar

4. Enter your appointment details & pre-pay your appointment

5. A notary will contact you to set-up an online zoom meeting & assist you through an online document signing.

At the end you can download a legally notarized document.

Important Online Notary Appointment Details:

1. You must pass a government approved online identity verification in order to get your document notarized online. This means you will answer questions from a KBA identity test to prove your identity before signing.

2. You must have a government issued identification with at the time of your signing: an identification, license, or passport.

3. There can be multiple signers, please provide their names and emails via your booking.

4. The process is easier with a phone and a computer at hand. You will receive two emails up to 30 minutes prior to your appointment. One email to join the Zoom webinar with your notary, and another to sign the document online. Do not attempt to sign the document online until you are in the presence of the notary.

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Book a remote online notary appointment.

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